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EGL Community Sales
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Welcome to egl_comm_sales, sister community to egl! Please read the following rules before posting to this community. Happy shopping!


Community Rules

The full rules and consequences can be seen here. Additionally, a short guide to getting your post approved quickly can be seen here.

Translation in French: here.
Translation in German: here.

  1. You are required to post with a link to your feedback.
    Your feedback must be located on the eglfeedback community. Directions for requesting a feedback page are located at the main page of the community.

  2. All posts must be under a Livejournal Cut and include correct formatting.
    All text and images of a sales post must be under a LJ cut. You can create a cut by highlighting your whole post text with your mouse and clicking the "lj-cut" button on top of the text field (the one that looks like a paper ripped in half).
    The second option is a little more difficult and only suggested if you're familiar with using html codes (important: you must be in html mode for this!), it works by copying the following code directly into your post:

    Additionally, you must include your location in the post’s location field (located at the bottom). This must be a real location, though it can be as simple as your country. If you use your Zip Code, make sure to also add your country. Finally, you must include the correct tags and labels to identify the type of post you are making.
    !DS - Direct Sale
    !DA - Direct Auction
    !DT - Direct Trade
    !EA - Ebay Auction
    !ES - Etsy Sale
    !WTB- Want to Buy
    !GO - Group Order
    !AC - Art Commission (selling, not requesting)
    !AFC- Available for Commission
    You may also wish to add brand, color, or item type tags to make your post easier to locate, but keep in mind that you can only use existing tags from the tag list. More information about tags and labels can be found here.

  3. All items must be priced.
    All items must have a price. There are two exceptions. The first is customized commissions, which often vary in price. The second is items posted for trade. If you wish to repost your item for trade or switch it to a sale before the four-week waiting period (below) is up, please price it the first time you post it (= the DT post). If you leave it unpriced, you must wait the full four weeks to repost (no matter if you're switching between DT and DS or not).

  4. You may only post your items ONE time within a 4-week period if it is a Direct Sale, or TWO times if it is an auction (both at an online auction service such as eBay or as a Direct Auction via a Live Journal post). Want to Buy posts may only be made once per item per 4-week period.
    Each individual item may only be posted once in a 4 week period. You may only repost the same item before 4 weeks have passed if you make a price reduction of 20% or more. (Rounding UP is considered incorrect reduction, so please always round DOWN.) This reduction applies to the sale price for items posted for direct sale, and to both the starting price and the Buy it Now price of items posted for auctions. If you encounter a non-paying buyer, you may contact a moderator for permission to repost early. If you run a shopping service or commissioning service, you may only repost your service once every four weeks.

  5. You may only post once every FOUR days.
    You may only make one "buying" (WTB, WTC) and one "selling" (DS, DA, EA, AFC, DT, GO) post in a given four-day period. You may link back to your older posts at the bottom of your new post, but only in form of a short text link without images. You must also wait 4 days between posting GO or DA reminders. There is one exception to this rule: if you are hosting a DA (direct auction) that ends in four days or less, you may post one (1) reminder in addition to your original post within the four-day period.

  6. Sales posts must contain items which portray the authentic look of one of the Gothic&Lolita substyles, and appear to be of good quality and construction.
    Items from brands on the whitelist and their sister/sub brands are always allowed. Items from non-whitelisted brands, whether Japanese or not, are acceptable, provided they accurately represent one of the Lolita substyles and are of good quality. Hand made items are perfectly acceptable, provided they do not bear the marks of an unskilled creator. Items representing other fashion styles, as well as general cute or Japanese items, will not be accepted unless they come from brands on the whitelist. A list of acceptable and unacceptable items can be found in this post.

  7. A sales post must consist primarily of items unique to lolita fashion.
    At least 75% of a post's items must be lolita- that is, they must be items exclusive to lolita. Items that were not created for lolita, but fit the overall aesthetic and guidelines of the fashion are considered "loliable" and can make up a maximum of 25% of a sales post. Please see this post for more information of how to tell if an item is lolita or loliable.

  8. The sale of illegal replica goods is prohibited.
    We don't allow the sale of illegal counterfeit goods on this community. WTB posts may not be made for them, replica fabrics may not be sold, and so on. Please see this post for more information on the kinds of replica goods that can't be sold, and this post for more details on our replica policy.

  9. Images of the items for sale must be your own, clearly showing the details of the items. Images must NOT be hotlinked.
    Sales posts should not contain images that are very dark, very small, or excessively blurry. While you may include stock photos to show details, you must include at least one photo of your own that shows the item clearly and as a whole. Images should not be excessively edited or altered, and must properly represent the condition of all items. Damages should be obviously noted and shown. Images from other sellers or item pictures you found on the internet may only be used with permission of the owner and in conjunction with images of your own.

  10. You are responsible for all items posted for sale under your LiveJournal username.
    This means you must maintain communication, ship in a timely manner, and handle all interactions with all buyers making purchases from your sales posts, even if your items are pieces sold on behalf of another user. Feedback may only be left for the creator of the sales post.

  11. Linking to outside journals in a post is NOT permitted, unless it is in a response to a post. Links to specific(!) listings on outside sites like eBay, Etsy, and personal webshops are allowed.
    You may reply to a post with a link to your journal, but if you are posting items for sale all items must be individually listed in your post. Links to specific listings on outside-moderated sites such as eBay or Etsy and personal webshops are permitted, but you must provide a proof photo of your item and its price in addition to a link to its specific listing. Linking to entire webshops, entire Etsy shops, and entire eBay shops is no longer allowed. Linking to wishlists rather than specific items is allowed in WTB posts, but we treat a wishlist as an item. As such, it may only be posted once every four weeks.

  12. Do not delete posts and comments.
    Please screen any comments you wish to remove from your post rather than deleting them; any harassment in comments should be screened and reported to the moderation team.

  13. No "feeler" posts.
    You either want to sell or buy something in this community or you don't. If you're wondering if people want to buy your item or not, then just put it up for sale. If you're wondering if people have anything available for you to buy, post a serious WTB. Posting an item for sale is binding as soon as you have a buyer for it, until then you may change your mind and remove an item from a post as long as it's not causing the post to break the 75/25 rule. You are not allowed to entirely delete a post - if you don't have a buyer for your item and don't wish to sell it anymore, please simply strike it out in your post and add a note that it is not for sale anymore.

  14. Abide by your post type, and don’t back out of sales.
    If you have a DS post and people are attempting to make higher offers, you may not turn your post into an auction or accept a higher price than the one you stated in your DS. Please decide before posting an item whether you want to put it up for auction or direct sale, and for which price. Furthermore, once you have committed to sell to or buy from another user, that commitment is binding- so proceed with caution before entering into sales. Bear in mind that negative feedback can be left for changing a price or backing out of a sale after an agreement has been made.

Friendly Reminders:

  • We encourage users to pre-emptively add Paypal fees into their sales prices if they wish to charge them, as adding on Paypal fees is against Paypal’s terms of service and could get you in trouble if a buyer decides to report you to Paypal.

  • We heavily discourage the sending of personal or gift payments through Paypal. This system offers no buyer/seller protection. If you wish to know more about Paypal’s payment methods, please check this post.

  • For sales, we encourage you to state all fees and charges up front. Please note that buyers can pull out of a sale and leave you negative feedback if you invoice them for prices higher than those agreed upon.

  • Please make your feedback link clickable so it is easier for buyers and sellers to view your feedback.

  • Please resize your pictures properly before uploading. Pictures should not appear larger than ~700 pixels in posts. If you upload them in full resolution and simply scale them down to fit your sales post, they will still take very long to load or refuse to load entirely.

  • Please only make ‘attention buyer/seller posts’ as a last resort and if money has already changed hands. If you wish to buy something from a post and the seller doesn't respond to you, it is not ground for an ATTN post. If you are unsure if you should post one, please contact the moderation team.

  • Consider writing and formatting your sales post in your LJ first, so even if it’s rejected/deleted, you’ll have a template to work off instead of having to re-write everything.

  • Remember to leave feedback after every transaction. It’s not required, but it is polite.

  • If an item has already been sold, please do not continue to post it to the community. If a buyer has backed out of a sale, request permission from a moderator to repost; otherwise, there is no reason to continue posting items that are no longer available. The same applies to items that are "on hold".

  • You can link to feedback on eBay or Etsy, or photos on Poupee; however, you need to provide proof that the account is yours by including your Livejournal username on your profile.

  • If your post was not approved within 8 hours, but you didn't receive a rejection message, please don't simply post again, assuming that it never made it into the queue. You are risking a warning for repeatedly breaking a community rule! Please contact a mod to request information on the status of your post. We can tell you how to fix your post to guarantee its approval. Always save a copy of your post to your personal journal, so you can link us if something goes wrong. Then you can make corrections to your post without having to rewrite it.

  • Unless a mod specifically states “This is a formal warning” rejection and deletion of posts does not mean warnings! In other words, you’re NOT in trouble just because your post was rejected/deleted. You’re only in trouble if we say you are ;)

  • Don't PM multiple moderators! We always present your matter to the team at large, and this can sometimes take 4-6 hours to get a final decision back. PMing multiple moderators will just hold up the process.
  • Finally, please try to have some patience with us! While we try our best to remain familiar with Lolita brands and trends, we don’t know everything. If you feel that one mod is wrong, don’t hesitate to request that another mod- or the entire mod team- step in and provide a ruling on your situation. We are always more than happy to re-evaluate our judgements. And if you ever need any help, please consult this list to see what languages our various moderators speak and the times they’re available to help members of the community.

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