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EGL Community Sales
EGL Community Sales
A Few Gentle Reminders
Please read the community rules HERE before posting. Failure to comply may result in post deletion, rejection, or warnings.

You are now required to link to a feedback page on EGLFB in every sales post. If you do not yet have a feedback page, please request one HERE. DO NOT PM MODERATORS FOR FEEDBACK PAGE REQUESTS.

Our list of permanently banned users is available HERE for your convenience. Please review it before buying!

Tired of waiting for a mod to approve your post? Apply for unmoderated posting access HERE!

8/8/12: Accusations of scamming, scalping, and overpricing aren't allowed and will carry official consequences. See more here.
13/8/12: Our rules have been updated to ban the sale of illegal replicas. Please review the new policy here.
16/7/12: Please read this post for a warning about buying from Oo Jia.
DS: Innocent World house purse replica, Vivienne Westwood winter tartan bowler replica, H.naoto FRILL choker dress, Secretshop shoes, Jane Marple socks, Angelic Pretty socks, Metamorphose NWT op/jsk, Metamorphose bento gift set, Yukata, Moi Meme Moitie skirt, MMM cutsewCollapse )</div></center></div>

Payment and shipping:
* I accept payment via Paypal. Credit and debit card payments please add 4.9% fee. Bank and instant transfer payments are offered as fee-free.
* All international payments (cross border) are subject to 3.9% + $.30 additional.
* All prices include the shipping unless specified.
* Prices are open to lower offers. If there is significant interest in a single item, item may go to the highest offer.
* All items are housed in a smoke-free and pet-free home.
* Additional photos can be taken on request. If you need to know something, please feel free to ask!
* Please rest assured that it is my standard to always contact you with your delivery confirmation information. I always use Paypal shipping with delivery confirmation to ship your purchases.

No lost packages in over 35+ transactions! (and counting... yet, at least!)

Please check my feedback at the loligothdbs. 100% positive feedback in over 35 transactions.
I sell under both
[info]sekiria as well as under my selling journal at [info]nickelblingshop

sekiria: ("S" entries) http://www.loligothdbs.com/?p=352
nickelbling: ("N" entries) http://www.loligothdbs.com/?p=30

Thanks for looking!

Placing an offer to buy:

If you are interested in buying, please comment with this information:

Method of Paypal - debit/credit (add 4.9%) or instant/bank:
Your seller/buyer feedback link:
Paypal email to receive invoice:

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