Duplica (duplica_chan) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS/DT: Babytssb, Cornet, HeartE, Bodyline and off-brand

I ship from Austria. If you live in Vienna, we can meet and I give you the item.

I also accept trades, show me what you have!

Prices including shipping WITHOUT insurance. If you want insurance, you have to tell me!

I can only accept IBAN/BIC (European bank transfer. EUROPEANS ONLY) as payment, because I have no paypal.
But trades with oversea customers is ok!

my feedback:

Cornet red velvet OP
It's made out of red velvet. you can wear it as dress or as a coat! Perfect for a Little red riding hood outfit, because it has a hoodie!
It has a small size, I would recommend it for size EU 34-38.
click here to see it worn
price:  70€ incl. shipping

HeartE pink JSK
The dress is very comfy. The flowers in the front are pockets.
It's a little bit too big for me at the bust area, that's the reason why I recommend it for size EU 36-40.
I'm not sure about the material, but I think it's cotton.
click here to see it worn
price: 60€ including shipping

Babytssb Cardigan
It made out of a thin fabric. it's red with pink roses.
click here to see it worn
price: 40€ including shipping

black platform boots
size: EU 38 (I think that's a Japanese 24?)
I got them 2nd hand, they are alittle bit too big for me, that's the reason why I want to sell them.
click here to see them worn
price: 18€ including shipping

Bodyline red shoes without the shoe clips (reserved)
size: 23
Bodyline shoe clips are lame, I lost them after I wore them the first time...
price: 20€ including shipping

The Veil bandshirt with Alice Print
It has a Serafino cut: like here
price: 10€ including shipping

Tags: !ds, !dt, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, coronet, heart e, offbrand

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