xmadrabbits (xmadrabbits) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS/DT: Peace Now, BPN, BTSSB sock & planner, Putumayo, Offbrand

Feedback : http://www.loligothdbs.com/xmadrabbits/
Im located in USA ,CA, bayarea.
My shipping method is USPS.
I will ship international.
Items will not be insured unless asked and willing to pay more.
But all items will have free tracking!!! not free shipping unless stated
Pay though paypal, no paypal fees
I allow some haggling
smoke free and pet free!

I do have rabbits but they live outside in the backyard and away from my clothes, i dont hug them cause they dont like it XD

Any Purchase from BPN or PN will include a BPN bag & sticker from the store if asked!!!
You will have to ask for it because it may change the shipping cost D=

BlackPeaceNow underbust Skirt: $160
Size S american, M japanese, but it can fit bigger & smaller
Only tried on. I like this but im in need of money

Picture of it Worn: i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/xMadRabbit/DSC00185.jpg
other detail: i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/xMadRabbit/DSC00190.jpg

PeaceNow Dress: $160 SOLD
Size S american, M japanese, but it can fit bigger & smaller
Worn only a few times, i bought this during the grand opening of the SF Black / PeaceNow store
i feel sad about trying to sell this away D=, but i dont wear it enough

Back: i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/xMadRabbit/DSC00199.jpg
Front details: i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/xMadRabbit/DSC00197.jpg

BlackPeaceNow BloomerShorts: $170
Size S american, M japanese, but it can fit a bit bigger & smaller

Putumayo cut&sew: $25(HOLD)
i am the second owner but i have never worn it, there is no damage on it at all.

Offbrand /K-Star Jacket: $70

Size L
Only worn twice, both the sleeve and the hood can be remove

I Love this jacket and i had it for about two years, but what makes me want to sell this is because within the two years i had only worn it twice!!!!! i want to keep this but i feel sad that i never wear it Dx, so i think it might be a little better for me to just sell it to someone who would wear it more than me,

PunkRave Top: $35
Size M
Worn only Once!!! vest can be remove and it comes with a matching tie
just notice the claw on the right side looks weird, it is not damage, just bended upward

Offbrand Jacket: $10
Size L, Used

Offbrand Black Jacket: $15
Used, Size M

Offbrand long sleeve Jacket: $20
Used, Size M

Jacket Pocket: i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/xMadRabbit/DSC00212.jpg

Teddy Bear BackPack: $15
Brand New!!!!! Never Worn, Bought this in 2008 Fanime con for $20
i bought this cause i was in love with his stupid looking face xD

Offbrand Shoes: $15
Size 8 US
Only worn twice

BTSSB OverTheKnee Socks: $25 Shipped with tracking within the US

Offbrand/ HotTopic Over the Knee Socks: $15 Shipped with tracking within the US SOLD
Brand New

Offbrand KneeHigh Sock: $10 Shipped with tracking within the US

Mini Top Hats: $15 each
New, Never used. There Pink, Purple, Blue

Headbands: $15 each

Disney Music Notes Necklace: $10

Metamorphose Stationary: $5
i believe there is atleast 5 sheets in the package, i never open it. I got it when i bought a meta dress

more to come =D
Tags: baby the stars shine bright, black peace now, offbrand

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