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DS: AP Royal Poodle, Rose Toilette, Dream Cherry --- Plus HQ Deco Phone Cases + mirrors + MORE

Shopping Directions + Thread Rules

♬ Items are being shipped from USA, 37221. ♬
♬ Shipping is calculated by weight and use of protective materials If you are an international buyer please let me know before you offer!
♬ I have plenty of positive feedback on the Loligoth Dbs as well as on my personal LJ. ♬

☆ Please remember that the listed price does not include your shipping or PayPal fees.☆
♬ Slots goes to the first person who provides their paypal address and can pay ~

If there are more than one person interested in an item -- person who can offer most + pay will get it (sorry x_x) ♬

☆ Please tell me where you are located before you post so I can calculate your shipping!!! Thankyou! ☆

♬ I Only accept Payments by Paypal ~ sorry no Echecks at this time!!! ♬

Angelic Pretty Dreaming Cherry (I think that's the name of it) Skirt in SAX
This skirt is SO cute ~ It is brand new, comes with waisties and bow pin -- it is unaltered so It is still the standard AP sizing! Super Cute and perfect for the upcoming spring!! *yay warm weather-- finally*.

Asking: $110 shipped in the USA

AP Royal Poodle Skirt in RED
This Skirt is SO cute -- sadly it does not come with the waisties or the PIN, but it is still one of the cutest skirts I own -- the lace on it is absolutely stunning. Standard AP sizing as it is unaltered. Since it doesn't come with the items mentioned above -- I've lowered the price considerably from what I paid for it ;_;

Asking: $140 shipped in the USA

Sweets Deco-Den Chocolate Lovers Cookie Compact mirror!
I nearly died when I was finished making this cute adorable little compact mirror! This is definitely for chocolate lovers! Made with the highest quality cabochons, crystals, and handmade macarons -- this mirror will surely be able to dazzle your friends! Large enough where you can actually see things on your face, but compact enough to fit in even the smallest of purses!

Asking: $20.00 +shipping

Putumayo replica Skirts and Legwarmers set (reduced!!)
This is so cute -- I've had it for a lonnggg time. It is made of two skirts -- a plaid and then the black one that goes on top. They can fit up to a 30'' waist (though kind of tight x_x) the legwarmers used to be attached, but i removed the mechanisms to do it -- the buckles used to cut me on my legs -- so I think it is much better off! I don't really wear punk anymore so this set is up for grabs :D I paid originally around 50+ dollars for it on ebay. By that brand PunkRave I think.

Asking: $28.00 22.00 + shipping!!

The cutest macarons you'll ever see!
I made these with sooo much attention to detail -- A lot of people really loved the macarons on my Melty Chocolate frames~ I've decided to re-create then for your fingers! this time they come in several colors -- with really sturdy HQ bases! The pinks have gold bases -- and the others have more brownish tone ring bases to match the browns!

Asking: $5.00 + shipping each
#2 SOLD bunnygurl184
#3 SOLD bunnygurl184
#4 SOLD for xxfremderxx
#5 SOLD for xxfremderxx
#1 SOLD faerydragonet
#6 SOLD faerydragonet

Ero-Lolita Blouse NWT REDUCED
This blouse was sooo pretty at F21. I bought it thinking that one day maybe I'd have enough gall to try ero -- but it seems that I won't ever -- Its brand new with tags --- It is a very beautiful light peach/pinky color with black lace. The fabric is super soft -- and the bottom is stretch so it could fit a variety of sizes large to small -- I would not suggest pushing a bust past 44'' --

Asking: (less than what I paid) $16.00 $12.50

Iphone 3g super pink sweet sparkle case!
I never wished I had an Iphone 3G case more than when I made this. ;_; ITS SO SPARKLY AND ADORABLE.

asking: $26.00 + shipping

Pink Rose Toilette Skirt + bow pin
This is Brand New without the tags. I bought it hoping that I could get around to altering it, but never did --- :( It is probably the most beautiful print in the entire world. ;__; I love it so much, but I've got to let it go to someone who will actually wear it. Super rare, and really hard to find -- I'm letting it go for about what I paid for it (it was actually 300$ after fees and shipping, but i'm letting it go at the auction price)

Pupe Image Proof:

(i'll take another non-pupe pic later)

I paid about 300 -- Asking 230$ shipped in the USA
SOLD TO snowtenshi

Those famous Bows everyone wanted like a year ago
Never wore em -- I have three sets of 8 ---

Asking: $5.50 a set shipped in the USA
SET ONE : SOLD TO herfluffyness
SET TWO: SOLD TO loli_lulla
SET THREE: SOLD TO loli_lulla

Offbrand Red Strawberry Knee Socks REDUCED
These socks are brand new! Never even tried on!! Super cute and plush!

Asking: $7.00 $5.50

Plastic Off-White Bow Bangle!
Bought this at an HK knockoff boutique at the mall -- this bow is super cute -- I just don't have anything to wear with it.

Asking: $13.00 + shipping

Plastic white/pink lace bow Ring!
Bought this at an HK knockoff boutique at the mall -- this bow is super cute -- I just don't have anything to wear with it. This ring will fit fingers smaller than an size 8 -- ;-; to small for me

Asking: $9.00 + shipping

Minnie Deco-Lolita Bow
Bought this at disney world! I've used it for a few of my deco-lolita coordinates, but I don't really wear red anymore, so its up for grabs! Asking less than what I paid for it at disney!

Asking: $13.00 + shipping

At this time I am also accepting deco-den commissions!!!

if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

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