apika (apika) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: white blouse

I'm just starting my first lolita outfit, and I'm interested in a white or off-white, long-sleeved blouse with the following kind of collar:


I don't care about the cuff details, back-corset thing it has going or whatever, but I'm very interested in that kind of collar, preferably with the big bow removable. A tie in place of the big bow in front would be acceptable also as long as it's removable.

Brand, off-brand, and commission-takers would all be acceptable, but I would like to see previous work for commission-takers.

I'm a 34'' bust, 17.5'' shoulder. A bit less or more than a 34'' bust is fine, I can always wear a minimizer :p

I would also be willing to consider cutsews that have the correct collar.

Thank you for looking!
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