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DS. ETC Parfait OP, IW Alice Skirt, MILK, Btssb, ETC

My packaged from Mai became a little more expensive then I thought >.< So I have to sell some things (quite much actually) from my closet.

Btssb Silver bow, never been used. Tags still on. Baby dosen´t have it on their website anymore. 30 USD + shipping

Btssb Offwhite parasol. Have been used once, can´t find any spots ore marks - great condition. Sold out on Baby´s website. 35 USD + shipping

Btssb Pink haircombs. Have been used once - great condition. 22 USD + shipping

ETC yellow hoodie. Been used once - great condition. Very comfy, can fit up to ca. 90 cm bust/waist. (I can mesure it for more specific). 85 USD + shipping

IW Offwhite Crown Socks. NWT. SOLD. THANKS

IW Black Alice Skirt. I have only used it once and they past owner have also just used it once - great condition. Stretch all around the waist, so it can fit a wide range of sizes (I have 70 cm in waist and it fits great) Ask if you want to know the size more specific. SOLD. THANKS.

IW Offwhite Alice Socks. NWT. 20 USD + shipping

ETC Parfait OP. Used once - great condition. Bust: ca. 84 cm (max), waist: (under bust) ca. 80cm (max). 230 USD + shipping

MILK bolero. Jsut used once - great condition. 100 USD + shipping (orginal price ca. 150 USD)

Only cc paypal. I live in sweden. If you think some prices are to high, please be free to offer, but be fair. NO TRADES.

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