Vaya Krolika (merirustryfe) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Vaya Krolika

WTB: White stuff! Bloomers

Hello! I'm looking for some shirololi items. I'd like an OP, JSK, or skirt that is ALL WHITE. As in, completely white!

I'm also looking for a pair of bloomers. I'd like ones that end above the knee or at the knee, preferably, but if you have shorter ones, I'll take a look. :) I'd prefer white and/or pink.

Feel free to offer me any offbrand or brand, but I can't guarantee I'll buy something that's super expensive, since I usually have to save up for things like that ahead of time, or buy on layaway. :)

I currently have a waist size of 37 inches (about 88cm) and a bust size of 36 inches (about 86cm). However, I'm currently trying to lose weight, so if you have something slightly smaller than that (at its MAX stretch) at a good price, I may be convinced to buy it at my hopeful discretion. :)
Tags: handmade, offbrand

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