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DS: Angelic Pretty, h.Naoto, Putumayo, Algonquins, Off-brand……Off-brand accessory lot/lucky pack!

I accept only non-debit/non-CC Paypal. eCheck is also okay, but I will only ship out after the check clears. Prices now include PP fees as well, so there is no extra calculation necessary. =) Priority to US buyers, but I can do international shipping as well. If more than two people are interested in the same item, priority goes to whoever can pay the full asking price and leaves PP address first.

Shipping and Handling:
-Shipping and delivery confirmation is same for anywhere within the U.S. International shipping will cost extra--please ask (delivery confirmation is not available for USPS Priority International). Generally it will cost around $6 more to Canada/Mexico, and $8 more everywhere else for smaller and medium sized items.
-I will ship via USPS Priority flat rate by default. First Class/Parcel Post is only available for few heavier items, as marked next to the price.
-I will combine multiple items, so ask me for an estimate of the total cost. Since it’s flat rate, the more you buy, the cheaper the shipping.
-Insurance and Express is available upon request for extra fee.
-I have not lost a package to date, but I cannot be responsible for lost or damaged packages if you do not purchase insurance.

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h.NAOTO h.anarchy white skull print camisole [USED like new] --- $48 including S&H to U.S.
h.NAOTO h.anarchy black white skull print cami cutsew
More pictures of this item here:
15" bust/waist, 12" long from armpit to bottom, can stretch more
Worn once for few hours, washed.

h.NAOTO h.anarchy zip skirt [USED like new] --- $52 including S&H to U.S.
h.NAOTO h.anarchy zip SK longh.NAOTO h.anarchy zip SK half
More pictures of this item here:
24" waist at rest, 44" waist maximum

h.NAOTO h.anarchy twofer cutsew [NEW with tag] --- $75 $60 including S&H to U.S.
h.NAOTO h.anarchy twofer cutsew
More pictures of this item here:
31" bust, 30" waist, stretchy cutsew material and can fit bigger sizes.

h.NAOTO h.anarchy fleece muffler [NEW without tag] --- $30 including S&H to U.S. SOLD TOlullabymynight
h.NAOTO h.anarchy fleece muffler
7" by 64", fluffy and warm fleece.

Angelic Pretty ribbon print socks [USED like new] --- $23 including S&H to U.S.
Angelic Pretty リボン編み上げ pink socks
More pictures of this item here:
Bought new, worn once for only a few hours, washed and in great like-new condition. Excuse the color, it’s more of a light off-white with pink.

TRIPP zip lace up jacket US M [USED like new] --- $47 including S&H to U.S.
TRIPP zip lace up jacket
More pictures of this item here:
Heavy cotton jacket.

Putumayo stripe sleeveless hoodie [USED] --- $48 including S&H to U.S.
Putumayo black red stripe hooded sweater vest
More pictures of this item here:
37" bust, 34" waist, 51" hip, 23" long from armpit to bottom, 32" long from neck to bottom
Worn quite a bit and the knit has stretched a little, but still has some life left. Can go a little bigger since the knit is still stretchy.

Algonquins tan black bustier and choker set [USED] --- $70 including S&H to U.S.
Algonquins tan black bustier
More pictures of this item here:
29" bust, 26" waist tightly laced in the back, can fit bigger sizes because of the lacing.


Getta Grip 14 hole boots UK 6 [USED] (beware of black scuffs) --- $80 including S&H to U.S. (very heavy…steel toed/soled) *First Class/Parcel Post available upon request
Getta Grip UK 6 14 hole boots---beware of black scuffs
Heavy steel sole, tag reads UK 6 (probably men’s size?). I normally wear US women’s 7.5 and this is pretty big on me. I think it will fit wide feet as well. The blue fabric on the inside of the boots have peeled at the heel, but it won’t show up when wearing it so it shouldn’t be a big problem. I will try to clean off the scuffs as much as possible before I ship out, but I can’t guarantee it will be completely clean--hence the price (I paid a lot more…T_T).

Off-brand (American Eagle) brown heel shoes US 7.5 [USED like new] --- $27 including S&H to U.S. *First Class/Parcel Post available upon request
Off-brand (American Eagle) brown heel shoes


Off-brand Accessory lot/lucky pack [NEW and USED] --- $35 including S&H to U.S.
Off-brand Accessory lot
Off-brand Accessory lot ring hairclip back
+Plastic strawberry pierced earrings [NEW]
+Surgical steel butterfly pierced earrings [NEW] originally 1365yen
+Plastic blue bead stretch bracelet [USED]
+Plastic hot pink rose adjustable ring [USED]
+White furry pompom with plastic gold bow and stretch pearl bracelet phone strap [NEW]
+White furry bow with black bow hair clip [NEW]
Trying to trim down my accessory collection. The hair clip would go well with AP winter items. The stretch strand of pearls on the phone strap could be taken off to be used as a bracelet, or left on as a sort of a handle.

VW Orb Replica Fixer-upper [USED] --- Offer? Shipping to U.S. would be $6
VW Orb Replica Fixer-upper
As is the case with most orb replicas, the pendant broke. It has been sitting in my jewelry box for years since I have the real one to use. You could probably fix it with crazy glue or maybe even hot glue. The chain is 33” long and perfectly normal, but the gold embossing on the pouch has since rubbed off.
If anyone knows how to fix it, I may try it myself (maybe convert it into a giant phone strap XD).


More AP, h.Naoto, FRILL, Spica, and Algonquins items available in my other post here >>>
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