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Marina La Placenta

DS An-ten-na Rocking Horse Shoes Size Large 24-24.5 (UK 6)

Hello again everyone! Sorry about last time the cut should work this time!

I have registered with but as I havent sold anything on here before I dont have any feedback on there

I do have feedback on please click here to see it

I live in the UK and would rather only ship to those in the UK purely as quite often the shipping is so high, I sold a dress to a girl in the US and for Airmail signed for it was £20 so it would be a crazy high price for shoes!

I will only send items via 1st Class Recorded or Special Delivery as they are the safest method.

If you have any questions, please comment here, or if you want a quicker answer please email me  

Item for sale:

Antenna Frill Detail Rocking Horse Shoes Size Large

I bought these via Celga a few years back, they sent me a Large when I asked for a Medium. I am a UK 5 and these are a bit bit but not hugely so which makes me think they would be best suited for a UK 6. They are a Japanese size 24-24.5..S

They are brand new in the box with a tag on one of the shoes.

The actual shoes cost me £75 but after Celga's fees and the huge EMS shipping charge it was more like £130 so id like £80 for them which I think is pretty reasonable :) This includes 1st class recorded delivery
Sorry for the bad quality of my pictures, they were taken on my phone. You should be able to find better pictures if you google them.

Thanks for looking

Marina xo

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