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DS/DT Final Reduction: Mary Magdalene Replica Wool Coat

Feedback- +41 100% positive loligoth

ACCEPTING OFFERS OF $70 ish +Shipping

I ship to anywhere in the world.

Coat is made of wool, lined in pink satin.
Damage- tear in satin on inside and buttons are a little loose. Both problems can be fixed.
Cute detachable fur collar and cape included.    


 Stock photo

I'm a 34 bust 28 waist and it fits great, MAX waist is about a 32 after that will be snug, MAX bust I'm not too sure but I wouldn't go too high over 37 or so, Im 5 foot 6 in the pic. 
  MORE PICS ARE UP :) TAKEN ON WEBCAM SO THE QUALITY SUCKS,SORRY. if you'd like i can get better photos with my digicam but it wont be till tomorrow night when i get home........

         Note that the cape is all one color, the fur is white in real life the cape is lighter colored. Crappy photos ahoy.......
 here is a detail shot, you can see one of the pockets (non functional). with the lace and satin bow........

     damage to lining around arm area. The other damage is that the buttons are a little loose but that can be fixed.  You can see in this photo one of the pearl buttons on the collar, that is used to attach the fur collar.........


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