The Calamity from the Sky (nozomiwhitewolf) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
The Calamity from the Sky

WTB: Angelic Pretty PINK Tiara Rose/Lady Rose SOCKS

 Still on the hunt for these socks....I would prefer to buy them from a US Seller and USED is OKAY!!!

I really, really, want these for a coordinate I have planned...I believe they are no longer sold at any AP stores except the Paris one, but I can't afford to pay upwards of $60 for socks.... (cause of exchange rate, overseas mailing, etc.) Just throwing that out there before I get offers.

I have 100% positive feedback under NozomiWhiteWolf on the website.
Shipping would be to 63103 USA Missouri.
I can pay ASAP with Paypal.

I've been searching for a little while now and I haven't even seen them on auction. If you happened to catch an auction link, that would be great too, maybe I am somehow searching the wrong terms?

I'm only interested in the pink color. Also I have the original white x red LADY ROSE socks by AP if you want to trade or something, if you happen to be looking for the original release socks.


*fingers crossed*
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty

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