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This is for himonin (LJ:
Back in 2009, My friend Gothic_Gogo ordered a pair of tea party shoes from you.
She sent you the money via Western Union on 09/17/2009. It was $56 USD. Due to some errors, the shipping you calculated was wrong and she asked me to send you the money via my paypal account. I sent you $18 USD.
About a month went by and you never shipped the items so I opened a paypal claim against you. A day after, you told my friend that you had shipped the shoes to her and I closed the claim. Its been 5 months and still no shoes.
Since I cant open another paypal claim, I will be doing a charge back on my credit card for this (I have already gone to the bank and I can do this even though its been 5 months)
We have tried contacting you and for a month there has been no reply.
We either want the shoes or her money back.
If anybody knows her and can tell her about this, we would appreciate it, thank you!
Tags: !attention buyer/seller

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