La Rose Nocturne (larosenocturne) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
La Rose Nocturne

WTB: White shoes, Japanese size M!

Hello everyone!

I'm looking for some white or offwhite/cream shoes, in size M (23,5 cm). I have a pair of Metamorphose platforms in this size and they fit me perfectly.

My European size is 37,5.

I'm not looking for flats, but for heels or platforms. I'll look at any pair as long as they're not completely flat! Even a small heel will do ^^

Also, they have to be affordable, so they don't need to be brand at all.

I'm in love with this pair of shoes from ling lam:

But as I already said, I'll really look at any white/offwhite/cream shoes!

I have feedback on the loligoth database, and I can pay with paypal.

Thank you for looking, and have a nice day!
Tags: !wtb

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