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DA from $30!: Brown Retroscope Bustle Skirt, Angelic Pretty Cosmetics Jsk F $80, Aristocrat Blouses

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: I'll be off for CNY visitations, unlikely to check this page again until late at night~~ do try to check if someone submitted a higher bid...~~ but I'll update the moment I get back. Auctions end tonight (Singapore time) at 12 midnight. No last minute bidders please~~ unless you have placed a previous bid~ and if this occurs the previous bidder will still have a chance to submit a bid. So placing your bids earlier is definitely better! XD

A quick auction ending Sunday night on Feb 14 I am short of cash for a dream dress!~~) More than 20% off existing items, and new items added!!~~~ BIDS WILL BE ADDED ON THE PAGE AS THEY ARE MADE : )

I have perfect feedback as allureviola +32 in, etsy and Ebay. I mail by registered air only, and ship from Singapore (abt 5-9 days to UK/US barring any delay...but note it is currently Chinese New Year and there might be delays of a few days as the post office is closed). I can mark items as gift if you prefer.

I accept paypal and no layaways, but I accept trades :) Let me take a peek at your items!~~ Money is my first priority though, so if I am considering an item, but cash comes along, unfortunately I will have to accept the cash offer!~~

If there is more person who would like the item, I will accept the highest offer.

Retroscope Bustle Skirt in Brown, 27 - 28.5~inch waist (adjustable by corset) Starting bid - USD$30 shipped I loveeee this skirt!!! It is the most adorable bustle skirt ever and it has the cutest bustle. However, I have lost weight since then...and I swim in it now unfortunately...which makes me so sad 0.0 cause I love the skirt....~ Here are the stock images for the skirt from Retroscope, but note that my skirt is in BROWN. The skirt can be worn up (with bustle) or down like a normal skirt :)

I can't wear the skirt well now anymore...but I got my friend to model it for me just to take the bustle...but she is a 26 inch waist too and cannot fit it very well =_=' sorry that I could not capture a better picture! I suggest searching google images for 'Retroscope skirt' where you will see many happy lovers of the bustle skirt wearing theirs XD and other versions/ colours of the skirt. I love brown as it is versatile and is a more special colour (just to me) than I have too much black often! :) See>>

Once again, a very very bad picture (my fault) of the beautiful bustle skirt...

Angelic Pretty Cosmetics Jsk in NAVY currently at $120 shipped (current bid akai_papillion by registered airmail) I adore this jsk so much and it is so versatile and goes with so many things!~~~ If not for the fact that I have to pay such high shopper service fees this would not have to go...=_=''' My image is here :) The size is around 75 waist, 80cm bust . There are no defects observed, and the jsk comes perfect : )


White bell sleeves blouse, sz S-M :) The sleeves go up to the band, for a wa-loli effect.

US $31 mailed 


Cream aristocrat pearl buttons and lace top, USD $20 shipped


Belle of the ball corsetted top, USD $14 shipped 

Baby Blue Cinderella Puff Sleeves blouse~ sz S-M, US$10 shipped

Thank you dears!!!~~~~ You can always see my Etsy too for my vintage sales :)

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