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SOLD!! DS: Lolita Lola RHS size 24.5 (black, ribbon)~ brand new!

Notes to Buyers
- Paypal only.
- Priority goes to the first person to show interest.
- If you have any questions or need more photos, please leave a comment or PM me.
- My feedback can be seen here.
- For this particular item, I will ship within the US ONLY.

Lolita Lola RHS, black with ribbons - $65 (includes shipping)

I bought these shoes brand new as a gift for someone, but they ended up being too large for her. And, unfortunately, too small for me. I just got them in the mail yesterday, and they were only tried on briefly. They are in brand new, perfect condition, except for a very few specks of dirt on the bottoms. They will be sent with their black satin ribbons and the shoe inserts that came with them. They are real wood soles, and quite heavy!

The inside of the shoes measures about 24.5cm. I wear a size 24.5, and I could fit my feet inside them, but they would be too tight to wear comfortably, so I would recommend them for sizes 24cm.

Tags: !ds, lolita lola

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