dollymid (dollymid) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Btssb shoes, BL skirt&cape.

Visualizza caratteri romanI send the pack all around the world.
I have a positive feedback on GLZ --> <--
I send only whit a traceable shipping.
I accept only paypal payment

Baby the stars shine bright shoes.
  I sell these lovely and beautiful baby shoes size S. I will sell them because they are really tiny, I used twice and remain unused in the closet. I would sell at 70 euros.



Bodyline skirt and cape.

The skirt sells for 35 euros. And the cape 40. If you take both I include shipping costs. (Europe only).
The skirt measures from 60 cm to 100 cm MAX.
The length of the skirt is 53cm.
The cape is instead of size M but can also wear a L.


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