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DS : Many brands ,and rose jail .All must go ,need money ^_^

- The charges are not included
- I'm not responsable for lost packtage.
- I only accept paypal.
- The shipment will be done after receiving the money
- Price can be discussed reasonably, make offers ^_^
- No trades i need money.Because someone stole my credit card so i need it to send money .
- My feedback: On my lj or i have ebay ,Vanyakane
- If many person want a dress they go to the highter offer ^_^
- Hand delivered to Paris & suburbs
- For France: 8€ collissimo
- For Europe: 12€
- For world: 15 and more

Rose jail skirt aatp:
210 dollars
Good condition ,worn once by me and i don't know for the other seller but it's in real good condition ^_^


Ivory blouse btssb:

Like new .110 dollars.


Headress ivory Btssb;
45 dollars
Like worn by me once :


For me is like a set ,if you buy it (high skirt ,blouse ,headress) i make a discount.

here a pics :

Ap tartan dress:(SOLD)

Btssb velvet dress.

130 dollars.
Excellent condiction .Pink like this is not for me but it's a georgous dress.


Méta skirt:

65 dollars
Good condition .


Méta blouse :
50 dollars
like new.


Aatp boots:(SOLD)

Putumayo dress :(SOLD)

I have too a alice in funfair in pink skirt . if you are interested tell me


IN PINK . 80 dollars.

Thanks for read this and if you don't like the price make a offer i probably take it ^_^
Tags: angelic pretty

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