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DT: pink baby LP items for black baby LP items


i just got my LP items in the mail today~ i know they've been on sale for a while now so i'm hoping someone out there got a lot of black they don't want.

i got these two sets and sadly for me they were mostly pink:

first this set:

the jsk - looking for black:
i got the same jsk pictured, it's the classic baby pink color which is just too adorable. unfortunately i already have a jsk very similar to it in the same color pink. i would like to trade it for the same style ~or similar baby doll style~ in black with black lace. i already have one the same style in black with white lace and one in cream so i really really would like black on black.


the cardigan - looking for black or cherry pink:
i got an off white cardi in this set too but i already have one that i like and i don't see the point in having two of the same thing in the same color. i would like to trade it for a black one or a cherry pink one in the same cut/style. basically it's the school cardigan style.


i would like one with an emblem. it doesn't have to have heart buttons but i'd rather it did. ♥ so cute ♥
colors i'm looking for:

the head bow - looking for baby pink, black, white or cream
if you look at the LP stock photo you can see the head bow is a rose pink color and doesn't match the baby pink color of the jsk =_= unfortunately this rose pink doesn't match anything i have either and i would rather trade it for something useful. i'm looking for something baby pink with white lace, black with black lace, white/off white or a cream with cream or white lace (cream or what baby calls ivory).


the top head bow is rose pink with baby pink lace and the bottom one it rose pink with white lace. i'd rather get one like the bottom bow that has lace around the outside.

the second set:

the jsk - looking for black:
i was really hoping to get the same jsk in the stock photo but i didn't T^T i'm looking for a jsk with shirring on top just like it with the cute little chest bows. i know this is a popular cut from baby so i'm hoping someone has it for me :) also i'd rather not have one with the bustle in the back. looking for black with white lace or black with black lace.


as you can see the jsk i got is a completely different style and i don't like this type of waist.
colors and style i'm looking for:

everything is brand new but nothing has tags as they are all LP items. nothing has been tried on and everything but the cardigan is still in it's bag and either hanging in the closet or in a drawer. please only offer items that i am looking for and please only offer items in new, clean condition. if you are interested in buying anything i may post a sales entry in the future but for now i would rather trade.

thank you for taking the time to read everything before posting :D
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