chiyu_hime (chiyu_hime) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Bodyline JSK G932

I'm looking for this bodyline JSK
(I apologize for the link, but photobucket appears to be down at the moment o.o)

I'm looking to see if anyone has it in a non pink color XDD
Pink is just .. not my deal. I haven't seen the other versions of it on the bodyline site, but I did see a blue floral print version of it on here a few weeks ago that I adored but I'm stupid and didn't realize how much I wanted it until someone else had bought it already haha! 
But I'm interested in other solids or print of it, as long as it isnt pink! (white is iffy too but I'll see ! :D) 
I'd prefer a US seller because of the shipping costs, but I'm open if no one in the US has it ... ^^ 

Thank youuu ~ 
Tags: bodyline

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