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DS/T: Meta, offbrand and some mooks WTB: BTSSB

Happy Tuesday! :3 Or, almost Tuesday for me, I guess.

+ Located in Hawaii, USA

+ Payment Methods: Paypal (Non-CC)

+ Trades? : Where noted, I will accept trades.

+ International Shipping?: Of course.

+ Pm's are enabled for any questions or concerns.

+ Feedback:
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First things first, I have some periodicals/mooks.

+ The top two, unmarked, are in perfect condition complete with patterns. I would like $12 each for these plus shipping. The blue issue is in English, the Gosurori is in Japanese.

The bottom two, I was not planning to list because I have cut some pictures out of them. However, the patterns are still intact and unused, so if you are interested in these issues for the patterns, please make me an offer. The pink issue is mostly intact, with maybe four pages cut from. Most of the green Trevor Brown cover has been cut up and used for picture frames.

+ SOLD I also have a pair of black over-the-knee off brand socks. They are topped with lace and have small metallic bows on them. I only tried them on and they were too hot for my liking; I'm in Hawaii and usually wear light tights. Never worn out.

I'd like $15 + shipping.

+ Nextly, I was wondering if there was any interest in a trade, since I love trades...

Proof of ownership

I have this Metamorphose Jsk in the shown colorway, navy with white dots. I've only worn it once to a meet up. There is no damage to it. The ribbons on the chest are removable, the waist ties are not.

I'd be interested in trading, but not selling at this time. (I still love the jsk but would just like to try my luck for something new.)

The measurements at comfortable max are around 36" bust, 29" waist. At 34/28 it fit like a dream. The length is adjustable since the buttons on the straps can be re-sewn to your desired place.

Of course the waist ties and shirring are accommodating, but it would still be baggy on smaller frames.

I'm interested in brand items. Here are ways to win my heart:

+ Things from my improbable wishlist, just throwing it out there. XD

+ h.Naoto Yukata, skirts, petticoats

+ Red => especially want.

+ Black

I can offer my Jsk + $$ if that's necessary.

I really like things like this, but I won't restrict any offers.

UPDATE. I'll consider this a WTB, since I've been looking for both.

(I'm especially looking for that Red empire Jsk, actually. XD)

Thanks so much for looking. I will respond to comments as soon as possible and do my best to assist.
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