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Leaving Lolita sale part 2!

Terms of Sales:
-All prices are OBO, higher or lower, please don't hesitate to make an offer if you think my prices aren't reasonable enough.
-Please, no trades except perhaps partial trade for jewelry and accessories that are not strictly lolita.
-Holds may be done at my discretion.
-Shipping is NOT included in the prices. The quote I give you when asked will include insurance, and if in the U.S, tracking as well. Tracking is quite expensive to most international destinations but if you insist on it, don't hesitate to let me know.
-I ship from Vancouver, Canada! If you are in the area, I can definitely meet up with you.
Feedback@loligothdbs and my personal journal.

Black Peace Now sweater
Condition is NWT. It is made from a mohair-polyester blend.
Best fit: 30" - 36" inch, the material has some stretch to it.
Price: $35

Bodyline petticoat
Condition is like new, tags still on. I would recommend it as a secondary petticoat or if you don't want lots of poof. It gives a very nice, subtle flair but the cupcake shape won't hold for more than 10 minutes no matter how much you fluff it out.
Best fit: 24" - 28". The waistband is fully elasticized but it's really tight so any bigger and it might be uncomfortable.
Price: $15


Innocent World boots
Condition is almost new, except a little yellowing on the laces. The boots run true to a 22.5cm/S size, they fit me just nicely with socks on so they won't go any bigger. It'll come with the box if you like :)
Price: $8


Angelic Pretty Osanpo-chan OP
Condition is like new.
Best fit: 30" - 34" bust, up to 28" waist
Price: $200

h.Naoto cutsew
Condition is used, although not by me.
Best fit: 34" - 38" bust, the material has some stretch to it.
Price: $15

Anna House cutsew
Condition is like new.
Best fit: size S/30"-34" bust
Price: $25

Mary Magdalene bolero
Condition is like new.
Best fit: 30" - 34" bust.
Price: $80

Emily Temple Cute hoodie
Condition is a little used. The length is shorter than a usual hoodie as it's meant to be worn with a lolita skirt at the natural waist.
Best fit: 30" - 34" bust.
Price: $30

Metamorphose high-waisted SK
Condition is like new, except that the top button had fallen off and was replaced by the previous owner with a reasonably similar button. There is lace-up at the back.
Best fit: 24"-28" waist, 28 - 32" underbust.
Price: $80

And I still have some items here for sale!
Tags: !ds, black peace now, emily temple cute, h.naoto, mary magdalene, metamorphose

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