cedecode (cedecode) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: offbrand stuff (plussize friendly)

Hi I'm selling some offbrand stuff.

I'm accepting only non cc paypal.
paypal fee's are for the buyer.
I can ship to everywhere but inside europe is prefered.
prices are excl. shipping
If you think the price is to high, you can always make an offer.


F+F cape, never worn my shoulders are 48 cm.

15 usd


Flower skirt, bought it from egl but couldn't wear it.
waist: 95 cm max (but also hips because it doesn't have a zipper.)

40 usd


Mary Janes size 40 EU
10 usd


Flower headdress
bought from egl, wore it once on a fashion show.

30 usd

i'm wearing it here:


An OP based on a moitie dress, never worn.
Very very well made.

Black cotton, poplin
lace: black cotton eyelet
Zipper in side

Bust: 115 cm
Waist: 97 cm
Sleevelength: 61 cm
Skirtlength: 53 cm
upperarm circumference: 41 cm

125 USD

thanks for looking^^
Tags: !ds, *plus size

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