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Bodyline Go- friday feb 12th - canada and usa ONLY

hey ^_^

I'm doing a Bodyline go again, so for those who missed out last time or want to join again ^_^.

For those who want feedback, i have feedback on both my journal and the lolita dbs ..all 100% positive, this is like the 10th + bodyline go i am doing.  I now live in north toronto (west end by york u ish) so this may help or make it harder for some people to meet up. I can arrange meet ups anywhere but you must pay the cost of my travel upon meeting. At the moment meet up times shouldn't be a problem, but weekends are always best. I can also hold on to items for awhile if you need me to, i've done it in the past for girls a little further out and can't always pick up right away.

This means if you plan to visit toronto, i can hold items for you (please no longer than 1 month)


I will take orders from other places in canada and usa. Please note I will send you a second invoice after receiving your items from bodyline. If duty happens to occurs through my shippment I am not responsible. There will be 3 shipment options pf shipping for all buyers, Please note if you choose the one without tracking and insurance, i am not responsible for your package. (i have yet to loose one yet though) You must also pay for packaging for your new shipment. If you do not pay for your shipping within 3 days of my invoice EVERYTHING is void, I will not return your money and I will not ship your items (this i hope doesn't happen), therefore everything is your loss.

I do not take orders outside of North America because shipping is expensive.

Due to previous overloads of orders outside of Ontario I will ONLY save 6 spots for those who want to order, please post below to save a spot before emailing me your order. (do not post if you are not 100% sure you will order)

ordering spots:


I am sorry that I cannot do more, but to avoid duty from the order.

Order details:

Bodyline currently has a fixed 20dhl fee, great time to buy shoes or anything heavy.
The more people that join the cheaper shipping will be

2 people = 10 dollar shipping each
4 people = 5 dollar shipping each

I will take orders up until Thursday FEB 10th 2010, anything after midnight will not be counted.

Please fill out this form to order and email it to mujitsu@yahoo.cn

LJ name:
PP email:

and for each item:


outside of Ontario? please fill this out too.

Feedback link:


After I have got your email i will email you back to confirm, and on FEB 11th i will send you a note with your total, my pp email and it MUST BE PAID (sent as a gift for no fees) before noon on February 12th. If you do not pay you will receive negative feedback because it will mess up the whole GO shipping price wise. If you feel you cannot pay on time please do not order.

if you have any questions please leave em below ^_^ 


just as a general note, buy clothing buy at least an inch bigger than you are (things are measured from the inside) and shoes tend to be half a size bigger. I suggest searching EGL for your items before ordering.

DUTY- if by chance the bodyline order gets hit with duty, i will take the price of items you buy and make it a percent within the group, (example your items are 75% of the order, you pay 75% of the duty) I have ordered from bodyline at least 15 times and I have got hit maybe once or twice, so it's rare but you still need to know bout it  ^_^
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