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DS! Bodyline Pink Shoes, Petticoat, Ebay Chobits Maid, & Handmade Necklaces

I ship from Canada.
All prices in USD.
I accept paypal only.

Pink Bodyline Heart Buckle Shoes
I have never worn them, other than trying them on in my house.
They still have the original box and packing.
They are a size 8.
They measures at 24.7 cm.
I am looking to sell them for $20 USD
Shipping will be $8USD in US/Canada $10 for international.
Because it is heavy

Pink Bodyline Petticoat
Only ever worn to try it on.
56-100cm waist.
$10 USD.
Shipping $4 US/Canada $5 International

Lolita Maid Cosplay
This was bought on Ebay as a Chobits Loli Maid Cosplay, but it doesn't fit me since I have no bust and I'd really like to get rid of it.
Its perfect for accenting an outfit, or on its own. (this is the item on ebay)
It also comes with a collar asgot thing, which is not pictured, but I do have it, I just forgot to take a pic of it.
Bloomers: 32 inch waist Max
Appron dress: 34 inch bust max
25 Waist max
$20 USD with shipping.

I also have an Etsy Store

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