Charlotte Charms (charlottecharm) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Charlotte Charms

!|!|! selling Moi-meme-Moitie Corset Dress !|!|!

hello, lovies.
i tried selling this dress here awhile ago- no go.
same condition as price as before-
but it is listed on eBay now.
[i am willing to give it directly to you if you will give me $500, that is well over what i paid for it- but worth it in my opinion to know it is guaranteed yours]

dress information :

size : 2
shipping : $20 [insured shipping, with tracking]
condition : new without tags, never worn before, only tried on, never been touched by smokers or animals.

the ONLY reason i am parting with this dress is because i am in a financial crunch, i do not have the money to buy more Moitie to finish this outfit, so i am going to break my heart and part with it. i will /not/ sell it for less than i paid for it. out of the question, no. do not ask me to lower the price. if you are not willing to spend the money you should not be looking at Moitie. i am very close to this dress and will not just hand it off to someone who does not respect it the way i do.

this dress is obviously not one of a kind, it is Moi-meme-Moitie and there are a couple other out there. but it is a very old piece of the line, i have not been able to find a stock photo of this- so the stock photo i showed is just a dress of a similar[nearly the same same] cut. i have no idea when this dress was made, but i can promise it will turn heads of even other EGL out there, it is simply stunning and is a great piece for anyones wardrobe.
it is a Moitie size 2, Length 90cm, bust 82cm, waist 70cm

this dress will be insured shipping.

stock photo of the similar cut dress :
[i show this so you know what it will look like when worn]

photos of the dress :

[ps, i /do not/ use LJ. so i have no idea how to make those cute little links so the whole post does not show. i am not very literate in the ways of formatting.]
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