snowfinite (snowfinite) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

emergency wtb ♥: white maryjanes &/or boots; cardigan

there's a linguistics conference coming up this weekend (feb 6-7) & i need a pair of white maryjanes &/or boots and white or red x white cardigan to complete my outfit. they can be heeled, flat, plain, scalloped, heart-buckled -- whatever -- as long as there is a good possibility of them getting here by saturday. minor scuffs are okay, but please no gross stains inside the shoe itself. the cardigan = whatever goes, show me what you have.

i am a 36" bust & wear a 7.5-8 US, which translates to a 23.5-24 JP, 38 EU.

things i would rather not see:
-- tons of straps on the shoes
-- pearls or rhinestones on the bows or sides, because they can easily fall off
-- any heel above 3.5 in.
-- excessive ribbons on the cardigan

red x white is also acceptable.

budget: preferably under $35 shipped (for MJ) or $50 shipped (for boots), but if they're really nice (e.g. real leather, extremely cute) i'm wiling to be flexible. cardigan prices will vary by condition and (off)brand. therefore, even if they don't fall within this range, please list all pics and prices. preference also goes to local pickup esp w/r to the shoes, in case there are any bay area lolitas wanting to get rid of a pair.

due to time and pricing constraints, i am entertaining domestic offers only.

i have +8 buyer feedback on loligothdbs under snowfinite. sellers who have sold to me know that i usually pay within the minute.

Tags: !wtb

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