Luna Lovin (luna_lovin) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Luna Lovin

[WTB] red bolero, headbow, socks, Milk-chan bag, brand bags

I want to buy:

1.) red brand bolero
I prefer Angelic Pretty and Baby the Stars Shine Bright,
but other brands would be okay too, if it matches my taste.^^

It can have long sleeves, but I am rather looking for short sleeves.
Detacheable sleeves would be amazing!! ^^

2.) brand headbows

- red or red/pink headbow (prefer AP Fruits Parlor)
- Milky-chan headbow (pink)
- Miracle Candy headbow (pink)
- pink headbow from AP or any other brand-headbow like those:

(photos by Angelic Pretty!!)

3.) BTSSB Milk-chan shoulder bag (pink or white)
wtb if it's not too expensive ^^

(photos by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright!!)

4.) brand socks

- prefer AP (any other brand would be fine too)
- color: light pink

The socks should match my new dress:

(photo by moi ^^)

5.) brand bags

I am also looking for some brand bags which are not too expensive. ^^
sax/light blue, pink/light pink, red, red x pink, white
brands: I prefer AP and Baby
type: I am rather looking for shoulder bags, but handbags and totes are okay too, if they match my closet.

I am not the riches person, so maybe I can not buy ALL of your offered items.
Thanks in advance. :)

I can pay via non-cc paypal.
I have feedback in my Journal.

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty

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