brionyalissa (brionyalissa) wrote in egl_comm_sales,


Pink halterneck JSK version, I had the zip replaced when I first bought it other than that it's pretty much as new I've only worn it a couple of times.

$200 WW shipping inlcuded

Rose toilette OP with bonnet in mint, I've worn this a few times and there are a few small marks on the skirt so I'm asking $200 for the set including shipping world wide. If you want any pictures of the marks i will try to find a camera, i think they are make-up but they are very small.

PhotobucketPink x blue tartan I've worn this quite a lot and it's showing a few signs of wear such as the lace folding over at the arm pits and slight pilling.

I'd like $70 for this including world wide shipping..

I'll be able to get measurements later on today and if you need proof of ownership photos i can take them.


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