freyjastraene (freyjastraene) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS/Trade: Meta OP, Meta replica OP

At first my Metamorphose One Piece:

I really liked it ...but it's way to short for me. Only worn once.

Size: Bust=88cm-100cm ,Waist= 80cm
Price: I payed around 180€ for it so i would like to have 120€ or i would trade it for other Brand dresses or Skirts.

Metamorphose velveteen replica

i dont have a better pic at the moment. But if you want i can take some.
This was my first lolita dress. The fabric is better than i thought. It's a beautyful velvet Fabric. (not cheap velvet). I sewed new buttons on it, because the old one were terrible.

Size:Bust= 100cm, Waist=86cm but the fabric is a little strechy so it could fit larger sizes.
Price: 30€

Payment only paypal.

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