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DS: Strawberry print dress and white detachable collar

first time seller!
both of these are lovely items that i wouldn't sell except they both don't fit me at all. they were both handmade by egl_comm_sales members and since i haven't really been able to wear them, i wanted to get the money back for them.

i ship from the US and the prices include shipping in the US.
feel free to ask me about shipping internationally.

i take paypal, but you can ask me about other forms of payment.

strawberry dress by camelie_fiolere
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her measurements are 96 cm for the bust and 76 cm waist but i would suggest it for someone with a little smaller measurements because the material has very little stretch.

detachable collar by baroquemaiden
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details of lace
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this is really incredibly beautiful and nicely made. it's just too big for me. it's about 18.5 inches around the inside.
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