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DS: Angelic Pretty

- Paypal only please
- I have 100% positive feedback on the loligoth database as well as my journal.
- Shipping is not included
- I am not responsible for lost packages without tracking (you'd have to pay the additional cost for tracking)
- Please note that although I tried to take the measurements carefully, I'm not a professional
- If you have any questions, just ask!


Angelic Pretty Blue x White Cutsew

Sleeve detail

Bust: 77cm  to  85.5cm // 30.2 inches  to  33.7 inches

Price: $60

Angelic Pretty White x Pink Hoodie:

Detail shot

This hoodie is adorable - the pockets have hanging pearl chains that are removable, has an embroidered crown with pink accents that says 'Angelic Pretty' under it (also embroidered) and the zipper is a pink heart jewel. It's in perfect condition and has never been worn by me.

Bust: 86cm/34 inch ~ 94cm/37inch (has some stretch)

Price: $90

Thank you!

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty

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