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The Osaka Koneko SALES

Shopping Service announcement, & socks sale!

I am here to announce the opening of my shopping service! I will offer service to the following five stores:
Angelic Pretty
Heart E
Innocent World
Baby the Stars Shine Bright / Alice and the Pirates

My fees are pretty standard at 10%. You must also pay Japan domestic taxes (ie, the higher of two prices on the item page), shipping charges, and Paypal fees.

My service is different because I am trying a new innovative way of ordering which should cut down on the time it takes your delightful items to reach you! It's not too late to order for delivery by Christmas!

Check out my journal post for details here!

Basically to give a brief, easier to understand explanation: you pay 1.3 times the price of the items you want to me immediately, and I will go and buy them with 24-48 hours of your order, and ship them to you IMMEDIATELY. No wasted time between ordering and shopping, or between shopping and shipping, waiting for payment. If you pay right away, I will shop right away, and ship immediately. This relies on a very roughly estimated shipping cost, and the difference will either be reimbursed after shipping, or invoiced for you to pay afterwards. This requires a bit of trust on my part, but since we're only talking about a few dollars either way, I am doing this to get you your items as soon as possible!

I live very close to these shops now and with my bicycle, as well as a bit more time off work than usual, I guarantee I will go to the shop looking for your item within 2 days of your email, and if at all possible (ie, 90% of the time) that day. I will ship within hours of purchasing the items, in order to assure you the fastest possible receipt of your items!

Read the explanation on my page for more details!

Please send ordering emails and payment via paypal to!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Also, I have just updated my socks sales with lots of new adorable designs!! These are a bit difficult to ensure in time for Christmas, but if you order soon there's a very good chance of their timely arrival!! Or if you would like them for Christmas, ask me and we can work out EMS shipping for a few extra dollars!
Click for many socks!
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