Kate Madalene (neppa) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Kate Madalene

DS: Anna House Blouse, In the Starlight Skirt, Offbrand Heart Bag

-Paypal only please
-All prices in USD, and include shipping within the US
-I will sell the item to the first person who can pay full price
-I don't do holds, sorry
-I'll ship anywhere, but remember the cost will be higher outside of the US
-Here is my feedback page on the EGL Database"

1. White Anna House Blouse, size XL - $30
I fell in love with this blouse a while ago, but it sadly does not suit my style at all. It's been worn a few times and washed once. There is a small light orange stain on the the lower ruffle from an unfortunate printing ink incident, which is shown in the first detail picture.

Bust = 39", but is very forgiving
Waist = 33"
Sleeves = 26"
Length = 21"
Detail 1
Detail 2

2. In the Starlight Cherry Skirt - $25
Again, love it but so not my style. Bought off the sales comm a while ago. Previous owner had only tried it on, same with me. With this I'm also gonna include a free pair of cherry knee socks!

Waist = 28"
Length = 20"
Detail 1
Detail 2

3. Offbrand Red Heart Bag - $25
I recieved this as a gift with my late Mashimaro Girl order. Again, not my style. It his very roomy on the inside and as far as I can see has no flaws in the construction other than a small crease on the bottom front.

Width is approximately 9"
Length is approximately 9"
Detail 1
Detail 2
Tags: !ds, anna house, in the starlight

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