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DS: BTSSB Tiara Rose Gobelin JSK and AP Royal Poodle JSK

Terms of Sale
- I only accept payment via PayPal at this time. I need the money quickly, so I cannot accept payment via e-cheque.
- Priority goes to the first person who leaves their PP address, and is willing to pay the full price. 
- Shipping is included in the price of each item, so please take this into account when making an offer. To protect myself as a seller, I only ship via PayPal's shipping system; domestically shipping will cost roughly $10 for the dress and internationally it will be about $30.
- All items will be shipped within two business days of receipt of payment.
- Prices are always negotiable. I'm trying to clean out my closet, and I want these pieces gone-- I am more than willing to entertain any reasonable offer.
- Holds and trades are not available at this time. I will work out a payment plan with interested parties, though, provided that they can pay at least 1/3 of the purchase price immediately and the remainder within two weeks.

AP Royal Poodle JSK (pink)
$230 domestic // $250 international


The blue OP of this print has been my dream dress ever since it was released, but since I hadn't seen any of the pieces from this series for sale in ages I jumped on the pink one when I saw it up for sale. And then the blue one popped up for sale not a week later dX I'm not really in love with the pink version of this print, and I don't really need two versions of it lying around, so I figure it's time to get rid of this piece. I've worn it once and then had it dry-cleaned, and it comes with a pair of detachable waist ties and the small crown pin.

BTSSB Tiara Rose Gobelin JSK (navy)
$200 domestic // $220 international

Bust:: 35"
Waist:: 27"

I've also been looking for this dress for ages, but when I finally found it and ordered it, I discovered that it was too big for me (This dress would work best on someone with a waist of 24" or more and a bust of 32" or more.). It has been tried on once, but is in otherwise perfect condition-- the original tags are even attached. The heart-shaped panel in the front, the bow on the belt, and the belt itself are all removable, so the dress could easily be worn in a number of different ways. The fabric is a heavy gobelin with crowns, roses, and the BTSSB logo woven in, and the dress has velvet accents. The colour (which I sadly could not capture with my camera) is a deep navy blue, not a black as it appears in the picture.
Tags: angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright

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