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DS/DT: Innocent World Blouse

Hi! Please read my terms and conditions. Also, please note that for trades I prefer to trade within the United States.

PAYMENT: Paypal Only. **Please note I will only do trades with people who have positive feedback.**

SHIPPING: I ship USPS priority with delivery confirmation. If we are trading I expect you to do the same. We must ship on the same day and give each other the tracking number. I try to ship items ASAP.

FEEDBACK: I have great feedback in my Livejournal and on Loligoth DBS.

All sales are final, no returns. I have done my best to describe the item.

I answer all questions within 24 hours.

Please do not comment if you are not a serious buyer/trader. Serious inquiries only.

For trades I would like another white or pink brand longsleeve blouse that is a little larger than this one.

Innocent World Blouse

PRICE: $82 U.S./ $90 Elsewhere.

MEASUREMENTS: 33" Bust, 20" Length, 15" Across the shoulders.

This blouse is new. I tried it on for five minutes, and it didn't fit me across the shoulders. It will come to you in an IW shopping bag. ^_^



Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, innocent world
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