wienna_lee (wienna_lee) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: MM / IW / floral prints / brown?

Hello, ladies!

I hope I'm doing this right. :)
I would love to buy some lolita clothing pieces, preferably with floral prints or flowers as a part of the print on brown / cream / green background. Also, I might consider things in solid brown or green. I am most interested in JSKs, OPs, or sets (like skirt + something), but will also consider single skirts/etc. Also, I guess I'm mostly interested in brand items, especially Mary Magdalene and Innocent World, but other brands, off-brand and even DIY are fine with me, as long as it looks gorgeous. :)

My sizes are as follows: Bust - 34" (88cm) Waist - 26" (66cm) Hips - 36" (92cm)
I'm from Europe, Latvia, and would prefer to pay with CC Paypal.

Also, if you want to check - I have feedback on Ebay under the same username as here (wienna_lee) and on etsy as wienna.


P.S.: Due to time zone differences, do not be discouraged or offended if I do not reply within minutes. :)

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