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DS: BTSSB cutsew, Meta cutsew, large size Mary Magdalene replica, offbrand jacket

I have this cutsew for sale:

It has a cute lace choker collar with cross straps.
Pictures are the original sellers; when I bought this I received it in perfect condition. I have only worn it once.

The cutsew will stretch quite a bit;
It measures 16" pit to pit flat unstretched and about 23" when stretched.
The arms are around 21" long but it's kind of hard to measure without any real defined shoulder there.

I am looking for $75 + shipping

I would prefer payment by paypal but am willing to accept other methods of payment.
I have feedback on eBay and at loligoth_dbs.

(Meta cutsew, large size Mary Magdalene replica, and offbrand jacket)
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