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DS: H.Naoto Anarchy for Plus sblack & grey weater //SOLD

Hello, I hope H.Naoto is an "appropriate" brand to sell in this community; after all it appears in every Gothic & Lolita Bible. This is it: 

I bought it from Closet Child online shop (which means without tag) and it was marked as two-stars quality (meaning it's very good condition with only some minor wearing signs, I think). The problem is, I didn't consider the measures and it is too big for me, so I haven't even worn it. 
I measured it and I think that these are its measures: 

49 cm between the seams of slevees (that would be "shoulder width"  think) = 19 inches
Around 73 cm long = 29 inches
Width of waist (measuring between the seams at the sides) 52 cm = 20 inches ; yes it is big
Just so that you have an idea, I have 95 bust and 84 waist and it is really too big for me. 

More pictures: 

This is the front

This is the back

I could only spot some flaws (stitches gone funny) in the round ornament, but I believe they can be very easily fixed: 

I paid 65$ (44€ which is my currency) for it (the shipping from Japan was expensive) and I would be willing to sell it for 50$ plus shipping. Payment through Paypal.
If you are interested, tell me and I will calculate the shipping for you in no time. 

ALREADY SOLD! Thank you!


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