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Nightmare Carnival [ ハート は 万華鏡 ]

DS: Angelic Pretty, Baby the stars shine bright

Please note:
- The thumbnails of my pictures are links leading to the full res (1536*2048px) versions! (ie 10x the size of the thumbnails themselves)
When applicable, left is without flash & right is with flash. Colours are generally more accurate on the photos with flash.
- Prices are negotiable within reason - make me an offer!
- Additional info & terms of sale can be found at the bottom of this entry.


1) AP floral lace high-waisted skirt (pink): 90€ (/125USD) including fees & shipping anywhere

I don't have the stock pictures for this one, sorry! If you have them and don't mind sharing, please do :]
For reference, I'm 164cm (5'4~5'5), my waist's around 69cm (27"), and I have a short torso. Sorry about the bad coord, I was wearing an entirely different outfit when I tried it on.
my pictures:

Closes with a zipper and two metal hooks; has a pannel of shirring and corset-lacing in the back, should fit between 62~75cm (24~29") waists. Is slightly high-waisted (waistband is about 6cm (2.5") high).
Fully lined, with built-in tulle layer to add volume.
Bow at the waist is detachable, as are the waist-ties.

2) AP Cherry Berry Bunny bento totebag (pink): 20€ (/30USD) including fees & shipping anywhere

my pictures:


3) Btssb Poodle pen-case: 20€ (/30USD) including fees & shipping anywhere

my pictures:


Terms of sale (please read before commenting)

1) Payment: I prefer Paypal payments (the fee is included in the listed prices unless stated otherwise) but will also accept bank transfers within the European Union.
French buyers located around Paris can pay by cheque or in cash upon meeting.

2) Holds: Everything is sold on a 'first to offer full payment gets the item' basis.
Payment must be received within 3 days of invoice/commitment to buy unless otherwise arranged, or I will sell the item to another buyer and may leave negative feedback.
However, if there is only one person interested in a specific item, I'll consider holding it. Don't hesitate to ask.

3) Shipping: Buyer accepts 100% responsibility for any postal damage or loss, unless postal insurance is requested at time of purchase in which case I'll ask the buyer to pay for it. (additional 10€)
I ship from France.
I ship as 'recommandé international' which is basically registered airmail. I have never had a parcel get lost or arrive damaged.
It generally takes between 3 days and 2 weeks depending on location. There is a tracking number but it only works till the package leaves french territory, and it's rather unreliable.
I try to ship out as quickly as possible after I receive payment, but please understand that I have a life outside the internet. I will however keep you updated throughout.

4) Currency: Prices are in Euros. You can easily convert the prices to your own currency using

5) Feedback: I have positive feedback on the Loligoth Database, here, on etsy, and on ebay.
I reserve the right to refuse buyers with zero or negative feedback.
Please leave me feedback on the Loligoth Database and/or on my feedback entry if possible once the package has arrived. I will leave feedback as soon as the buyer has done so for me.

6) Trades: I'm willing to trade or partial trade. I like most styles except for punk and casual lolita. My wishlist is here, but feel free to show me whatever you've got.

7) Measurements: Measurements are taken flat and are not always 100% accurate considering the fact i'm an amateur. If you need additional measurements, feel free to ask.

8) Item condition: The item condition is indicated in the description; I also do my best to show it on my pictures. I do my best to indicate any flaw but it's possible that I might've missed some - however, if that is the case, the flaw is most likely very minor and barely noticeable.
Items come from a smoke and pet-free home.

9) Questions: If you have any other questions, just drop me a comment :]

Thanks for looking!

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright

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