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WTC : tartan JSK, Atelier-Pierrot inspired

 So, I'm rather disappointed, I just missed out on this JSK on Tokyo Rebel. Now I really want a tartan JSK!
I would offer the same price as the one listed on Tokyo Rebel for a commissioned one : $229 (+shipping). That price can slightly wary, of course.
I don't want an exact replica. Here are some things I would like to change :
- black velvet ribbons instead of red
- cotton instead of wool
- thin black velvet straps
- sweetheart neckline?
- boning? (depending on price)
- no shirring

Things I would like to keep :
- red tartan
- the detachable ribbon at the waist, that can be tied either at the front or back
- detachable ribbon at the neckline
- the low waist
- lining
- and if possible, I would really like some kind of gold print or embroidery. Again not a replica of the original one, we can settle on the theme together, which would be gothic/classic

My measurements :
bust 85cm
waist 68cm

And that's about all! Please show me your past commissions if you're interested.


Tags: !wtc

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