Kat B. (xvmorganalefayv) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Kat B.


Hello all. :) I would like to either purchase or commission a blouse similar to this one, the Bodyline L015 blouse.
I can pay about what I would pay to Bodyline, but they don't have this one in an off-white or a light cream, which is ideally what I'd want. I am a larger size--my bust is about 102cm and my waist is around 86cm, which makes purchasing blouses difficult as they do tend to gap even in an "XL" or US size 14/16ish. (I seriously spent all day today at the mall looking for blouses, and spent yesterday searching Goodwill stores for something I could use.)

If anyone has a blouse like this and would be willing to part with it for about $40 shipped, or could make one, I would really love you forever and ever! Thank you in advance, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! ^^
Tags: !wtb, !wtc

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