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DS - IW & Offbrand

Since I'm in need of money, I decided to part with this things here too.


*Shipping from Austria. I'll ship on the next day latest after received payment (except it is weekend). If you want insurance, please tell me!
*I'm not responsible if the item is getting lost after it leaves my hands!
*Non-CC-Paypal, please!!! I ask u to cover the PP-fees!
*I have a cat (that don't come near my closet), but I have to warn you if u are allergic!
*No holds unless you need time to transfer money to your Paypal!
*I have +12 feedback on the LoliGoth Database, but also 100 % good on Ebay:
*If you don't like to comment here (^.^) you can contact me here: CryingMole[at]gmx[dot]at

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

1. IW Halterneck JSK
Colour: Off-White
Condition: It's in good condition (only very wrinkled from the storage), but there is a big stain in the skirt part of the dress (as you can see in the pictures). It comes with waist ties and the bow in the front (I forgot to photograph them with the JSK).
I really wanted o wear it, but never come to bring it to the laundry. ;_;
It has partial shirring in the back!
I still have the price tag which says it costs 22890 Yen new.

Now with price: 85 EUR including Economy shipping to everywhere in the world & PP fees

Here's the official IW stock picture:

My pictures:

2. Offbrand Cutsew
Colour: Black / white
Size: It fits best for an size XS-S, but "may" fit bigger sizes too (but can't promise ^^ )
Condition: Worn this one time and since that it was hanging in my closet. So it's like new.

Price: 10 Euro + shipping + PP fees

Shipping to:
Austria - 2,50 EUR
EU - 5,50 EUR
Worldwide - 6,20 EUR
(Economy shipping is no tracking number & uninsured - cheapest way ^^)


3. Light pink see through blouse
Can be worn only under JSKs and need to be tucked together in the front with a bow or something like this :D
Size: XS-S
Price: 10 EUR + shipping + PP fees


ETC dress -

Tags: !ds, innocent world, offbrand

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