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DS: 2 AP Cutsews, Handmade headbow

Pricing:All prices are in US dollars. PayPal only please.
-Item will go to first person to ask for an invoice. Please try to pay within 24 hours of being invoiced.
-No trades, no holds.
-I have positive feedback on my journal HERE as well as on the DBS under this username.
-There is one of each item unless otherwise noted.

*** Shipping: Shipping for any one item to any place in the US is $3.
International shipping varies by country, so please ask for a quote. Thanks!***

***SOLD***Plush Pastel Headbow: $25 + shipping
Handmade bow with pastel rainbow trim and glass pearls.

Angelic Pretty X Kokusyoku Sumire custew/tshirt: $40 + shipping
This is the limited shirt from Yumemiru Musical Paradise. It is new and has only been tried on once (it didn't come with a hanging tag).
Flat measurements:
Across: 18"
Length: 22"
-The fabric is a bit stretchy, so it may allow a few more inches, but I didn't want to risk cracking the print to see how far.

***SOLD*** Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate cutsew w/ matching pins $40 + shipping
White cutsew with chocolate bar print. Is new with tag attached, and comes with two matching pins.
Flat measurements:
Across: 16"
Length: 23"

If you have any questions, or feel I've left out any important information, comment or PM me. Thanks!
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, handmade

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