donatella_foxy (donatella_foxy) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Bodyline Melody Doll Jsk in Black, Btssb Bunny or mini mini bunny bear bag

Hello Ladies :D

This might be a long shot but I'm looking to buy this BODY LINE replica of Melody Doll in Black (I'll consider the white one if I can't find it in black)

Hoping to buy it for around $30-$40 Shipped C:

If I can't find that I'd like to buy this Btssb bunny bag (only in white)

OR this mini mini bunny bear bag (only in white)

For the bag I'll go with which ever is cheapest ;D

My postal code is in my location. I can provide feedback as a seller and a buyer on eBay if required.

Thank you C:

Tags: baby the stars shine bright, bodyline

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