gil_sarang (gil_sarang) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

[GO] Sechuna, Rowky, lemon cookie shop for world wide

I''m Looking for people to participate in a group purchase

This time Sechuna I'm going to get orders from, Rowky, Lemon Cookie

if you're interested in join this group order

please fill this form and send it to my e-mail
under the subject "EGL group order"

Your real Name:
LJ Name:
Paypal account :
E-mail account :
URL of item wanted :
(if you can't find URL print screen the page and send *.jpg file to my e-mail)
Item Name: 
Quantity :
Color :
Price(as won) :
Shipping : EMS or non-insurance air mail(check one of them) 

Time limit : January 8th(friday) midnight GMT+0900(seoul, tokyo)


please understand thoes shops are selling quickly and hardly restock.
you may get comfrim e-mail from me  but still there's a chance the item you wanted to buy already sold out
then I will send you e-mail right away

once you get a comfrim e-mail, I will send you paypal invoice at saturday. please be sure complete payment until sunday
so I can order it at monday ^^

Exchange rate is 1100 won= 1US dollar.
I will send second invoice for shipping fee once I got everything from orders.

since this is group order you don't need to pay for service fee and domestic shipping fee ^^

my feedback : 

ask me any questions ^^ 

I will keep posting what's going on in this group order

* shoes size chart

** About shipping
I will give you a choice before invoice for shipping fee so you can choose shipping method. this is the shipping chart, so you can guess how much it would be cost. Once I get everything, I will weight them carefully, and try to warp safely but also lightest way!!

USA 0.5kg -> $22, 1.0kg -> $30, 1.5kg ->$38, 2.0kg -> $47, 2.5kg ->$51
Canada, Europe 0.5kg -> $20, 1.0kg -> $25, 1.5kg ->$33, 2.0kg -> $41 2.5kg ->$44

Singapore 0.5kg -> $15, 1.0kg -> $18 1.5kg ->$23, 2.0kg -> $27 2.5kg ->$30

Japan 0.5kg -> $14, 1.0kg -> $15, 1.5kg ->$17, 2.0kg -> $20.5kg ->$21

Air mail
USA 0.5kg -> $17, 1.0kg -> $21 1.5kg ->$23, 2.0kg -> $27, 2.5kg ->$32

Canada, Europe 0.5kg -> $17, 1.0kg -> $20, 1.5kg ->$23, 2.0kg -> $26 2.5kg ->$29

Singapore 0.5kg -> $15, 1.0kg -> $17, 1.5kg ->$20, 2.0kg -> $22 2.5kg ->$25

Japan only $1 less than EMS

Small parcel
up to 2kg only. I've been lost 3 times my parcel in this way T.T there's no way for tracking. I can't response for losing the parcel)

USA, AU, Canada, Europe 100g ->$1.6  250g->$3.2  500g->$5.5  1000g->$9  1500g->$13  2000g->$18
Singapore 100g ->$1.5  250g->$2.5  500g->$4  1000g->$6  1500g->$9 2000g->$12

Japan 100g ->$1 250g->$1.8  500g->$2.5  1000g->$4.5  1500g->$6  2000g->$7

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