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DS/DT/WTB- Some Closet Cleaning for the New Year!

Official buisness:
1. I only accept paypal
2. Buyer who can pay the asking price first will get the item
3. I ship from the US so International buyers please inquire for shipping
4. I always include delivery confirmation however tracking will cost extra (international buyers please note that I can only do tracking no delivery confirmation on packages)
5. Domestic Shipping and paypal fees are included in the price
6. I have feedback on the Databases under: artemiscangee Please feel free to look me up ^_^

DT or DS
Baby the Stars Shine Bright JSK size L



Super cute, I wanted this style of JSK as soon as they came out. I found this in the Baby store when I went to Japan. However it's too big on me and I just don't wear it enough to justify me keeping it in my closet T_T I've only worn it twice briefly. (comes with waist ties-not pictured)

Trade for: Size M in Black, BlackxWhite, or Lavander
Price: $165
B:34-39 in
W:28-33 in


Putumayo Set 1


Super cute Purple and Black putumayo set with an ice cream theme! I would prefer not to split the set. The cutsew tank top is super comfy, the skirt has no zipper only elastic. Practically new I've only worn this set once.

Set Price: $120
B:28-36 in
W:26-35 in
W:24-32 in

Putumayo Set 2


Other pics:

I'm really sad to see this set go because these were some of my first brand pieces. It took me a year to find a matching Jacket that went with the skirt. The print is the same however the color of the Jacket is silver/gray not white like the skirt.

Set: $110
B:32-36 in
W:32-36 in
W: 28 in. max

Miho Matsuda Cutsew


Goes well with the above putumayo outfit but isn't part of the set so I'm willing to sell it separately.
Price: $22
B:26-33 in
W:24-30 in

Angelic Pretty Detachable Sleeve cutsew

(in the process of taking a better picture)


Another super cute items however it's turning out to be a bit too sweet for my wardrobe at the moment so I wish it to go to a new home with more love <3
*this item will be dry cleaned before being sent out*

Price: $90
B:28-34 in
W:25-32 in

Bodyline Cutsew

(in the process of taking better picture)

I was intending to wear this with regular jeans but never got around to it. I've only tried it on. It looks like a putumayo replica.

Price: $25
B:24-39 in
W:24-30 in


Again I send out a plea for Navy accessories. Hairbows, headbows, socks, rings, necklaces, etc.
I'm especially looking for these:
BtSSB Border print Navy Headbow
Mother Goose/Hay Diddle Diddle Navy headbow

BtSSB Navy Circus Print Headbow

I'm also on the lookout for some black head accessories:



Baby the Stars Shine Bright 3,780

And possibly a Pink, Lavander, or Sax Blue cutsew/bolaro from any brand.



I'm also always on the look out for things on my wishlist! Here:

Thank you for reading everyone!!
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