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GO: extra large sizes of Lolita lola Rocking horse shoes(size 42, 43, 44/45~)

Update: Size 44 & 45 are available now! For more info, please see

I'm thinking of organizing a GO for extra large sizes of Lolita Lola Rocking Horse Shoes(straps, wood sole). The largest size available right now is size 41, but I'm sure 41 is still too small for quite a few girls out there ^^

The sizes I will be ordering are size 42, 43, 44(and 45 if possible). I will take some myself as well, so I will close this order whenever there are size 42 X 5 pairs, size 43 X 8, size 44 X 8. If you want to purchase some, let me know so I will put your name down and keep you updated of the progress.

Total Price for sizes 43-44/45 RHS(straps): US$55.95 + Postage(No PayPal Fees)
(Size 42 is still regular price: US$49.95 + Postage)
Payment by PayPal/International Money Order/Western Union/Wire Transfer
I will invoice you all once it reaches the minimum quantity listed above.

Shipping rate(RHS with straps):
- Australia, New Zealand
Registered Airmail: US$28.00 / International EMS: US$27.00
USA, Canada
Registered Airmail: US$28.00 / International EMS: US$33.00
UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, France, Spain, Luxembourg
Registered Airmail: US$28.00 / International EMS: US$33.00
Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico
Registered Airmail: US$33.00 / International EMS: US$:43.00
- Poland, Ukraine, Croatia
Registered Airmail: US$28.00 / International EMS: US$43.00
- Russia, Czech
Registered Airmail: US$35.00 / International EMS: US$43.00

For measurements, look at the Centimetre conversion(foot length) in here. Please do measure your foot and then pick the size that corresponds with the Centimetre conversion(foot length). It is best to go one size up if you have wide feet, you can put an insole(there's a thin layer there). I will also send front insoles and pads along with the RHS for free. If you have any problem picking the right size, let me know and I will try help you out.

Smaller sizes are still available at regular prices. Postage of the RHS with ribbons are cheaper, so feel free to order them as well.

Any questions, send a msg from the website using the Contact Form or post it in here.  I will reply shortly.

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