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!DS: Lowered prices! BL bloomers, Boots, Dear Celine JSK and F+F OP

Welcome to my Sales Post!

Shipping: will be from Australia Payment: Paypal only.
Buyer feedback: ... llFeedback

I accept paypal only. The item will go to the first person who can pay.
Australian Buyers have priority over international buyers.
I can choose to refuse a sale and choose who I sell to.
The prices include shipping now!

F+F Black/ White sailor OP. Worn couple of times by previous owner, and like five times by me. The reason I’m selling is because I need money, it’s not really my style anymore and my Bewbs are too big for it now. Good beginner Dress, pretty good quality. Condition is good. Dress comes with Head bow; clip on bow, and the neck scarf that goes under the sailor collar. Asking:  $70 AUD SHIPPED

Left to Right: The OP, The matching head bow, bow tie and neck scarf, in flash and with out flash. (It's really not that shinny...the flash exaggerated it) Bust will go up to 36” any more and it won’t look too good. Waist will go up to 29” there are also waist ties attached. I’m 5’5” and it comes below my knees. If you need more detailed pictures, don’t be afraid to ask!

Dear Celine Cherry summer Baby doll JSK This is a pretty dress! A cherry print dress! It has partial shirring on the back of the dress. Waist ties attached, the neck ribbons are detachable, come with detachable red bow. Got it from another LJ User who hasn't worn it and bought it new. Bust: 34" (can go more because of shirring) Under Bust: 34.5" (can go smaller with waist ties) Waist: Free size. $65.00 USD SHIPPED


Ling Lam Black Rocking Horse-Like Boots ON HOLD

Orange "vinyl" Mashimaro Cross Body Bag Got this from Paddy's Markets in Sydney. originally $35.00AUS I think? Brand New, Never used! Measurements: Top & bottom: 6" Sides: 10" Will sell for $15.00 USD SHIPPED

White Bodyline bloomers waist 35-36" $30.00USD SHIPPED

Have a happy Holidays!
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