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DS; Guro Theme

* I live in Cali, US
** NAME YOUR PRICE but please be reasonable
* For payment I accept paypal and snail-mail
* Shipping fees are not included in listed prices
* I am not liable for lost items you may request special delivery/tracking
* More photos are available upon request

I purchased this VM replica dressfrom F+F for Halloween but gave too short of measurements and am looking to sell it. Please note the measurements&details for they shall be reflected in price.

Waist:26-29 inches
Hip: free
*Length:32 inches
Shorter than usual, above knee on 5'2" person
There are also 3 stains from lime green paint that I have tried my best to get out that are located on the sides on lower ruffle of dress
more pictures can be provided if needed
small paint drops
partially washed out stain
Price - $50 OBO

Handpainted Guro canvas tote
Acrilic paint sprayed over with sealer so it stays, back side is undecorated but your name or other design can be added onto it for free if you buy it :)

Handmade Guro Lolita Bunny "Mizfit"
I really love her alot but she doesn't get much use at all >.< I can always make another plushie for myself anyhow. 'Mizfit' comes with petticoat, eyepatch, and detachable apron
Full photo

please see my journal for more clothing sales :) Thankyou

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